Top 5 Website Pop-Up Examples That Get Clicks

Top 5 Website Pop-Up Examples That Get Clicks

Your thoughts may wander in a few different directions when you consider pop-ups. If they offer you some offers and discounts, you might not mind them or even appreciate them or, you might just simply despise them without exception. However, the reality is that they put effort into producing leads, with a conversion rate of 9.3 percent. Otherwise, why would leading companies keep utilizing them at the risk of turning off certain customers? 

In this blog, we will look at some examples of some high-quality pop-up website designs that you can use for your experiments, and review what makes each one stand out. But before that let’s get into the straight definition.

What Are Website Pop-Ups?

A website pop is a window that appears in the user interface without any intentional action from the user. They are primarily used by marketers to generate leads and promote offers and also alert users of cookie use.

Best Website Popup Examples

Let’s look at some high-quality popup examples across the web.

  • Discount offer pop-ups
  • Cookie notice pop-ups
  • Email opt-in pop-ups
  • Other interesting pop-up examples

Discount Offer Website Pop-Up Examples

Get Email Sign-Ups Using a Coupon

According to research, 60% of customers who receive coupons try a new product. And that’s ideal for any company looking to disrupt a well-established market. The coupon pop-up also keeps simple by just asking for the email address and uses a bright blue to drive conversations. 

Double Up on The Deals

Two major reasons make this pop-up work. Firstly, they offer the user two different options that might sound overkill. But the users can choose the offer that is more exciting to them.

According to Sumo, pop-ups on websites that provide context converts 40% better than the pop-ups that don’t.

Use Targeted Pop-Ups

Targeted pop-ups help the consumers deliver more personalized offers. According to a recent report it was found that consumers are more than 3X more likely to abandon brands that over-personalize. From a designer's perspective, they use brand colors and simple designs to grab attention without overwhelming the viewers.

Use Timed Pop-Ups 

One of the best ways to overcome popup hate is to wait until the users get engaged with your website. According to the campaign monitor, properly timed pop-ups can generate a 60% high which is much more than average. And placing them at the top of your website is less intrusive and does not block the users from viewing the page. 

Drive Sales Using an Exit-Intent Pop-Up

This kind of pop-up works best on websites for a lot of reasons. It uses the exit intent which can be effective on its own. Eye-catching texts and bold colors and 35 % feel like a great deal. And they also create a sense of urgency for the users and describe how their tool can help.


These are some of the trending pop-ups that can be useful for your business. Want help with website building? Do not forget that we are here for you! We at Vinutnaa are equipped with IT professionals that deliver excellent website designing, web development, and high-quality and plagiarism-free content. Contact us today.