Why Choose Full Stack Developers For Your Next Project

Why Choose Full Stack Developers For Your Next Project

Full-stack development is on the rage amongst big to small IT companies trying to save their development cost. More than that, full-stack development has got increasing popularity because from Google to Facebook every IT company wants to hire a full-stack development team for their project. As per the latest reports in the Web development market, the demand for Full stack web development is expected to grow by 24% by the end of 2025. While there are many programming languages and millions of tools and frameworks, companies are choosing Full-stack solutions for their affordability, multifaceted nature, and holistic engineering practice in all aspects of web development.

Let’s See What Actually A Full Stack Development Is:

that works seamlessly to ensure that the application is running smoothly. This includes software products, coding frameworks, servers, patches, operating systems, database tools, and so on.

The Full-stack development team is responsible for ensuring that your development project is engaging in the front-end while the back end is bug-free and that the databases are properly integrated and managed well for a smooth user interface. Full-stack developers can develop full-fledged applications for web, mobile, and desktop user interfaces. They are capable enough to know the server, databases, APIs, and also MVC hosting environments.

The following is the list of front-end technologies used by the full-stack developer for the development of your project:

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, W3 CSS, Javascript, ES5, HTNL DOM, JSON, XML, Jquery, Angular, React, Backbone .JS, Ember.Js, Redux, Storybook, GraphQL, Meteor.JS, Grunt and Gulp

Back-End Technologies & Frameworks list:

  • For Javascripts and its environments like NodeJS and ExpressJS, Node is used as an Open source, a cross-platform runtime environment that allows developers to create server-side tools and javascript applications. So knowledge of Node Package manager is essential.
  • Java in particular is built to run on the server-side. So popular Java frameworks include Spring and Java server faces.
  • Python frameworks include Django and flask for backend development.
  • C# language is of course the most sought after architecture when it comes to backend programming in windows environments
  • PHP, Perl & Ruby are some of the other languages included

Database Management Systems

A full-stack developer writes code that helps perform Relational mapping to obtain data from the database. Some popularly used DBMS in Full stack are MySQL, SQL SERVER, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Oracle Database.

Version Control

Full-stack uses some of the popular version control systems like Git, Github, and Subversion to help manage the project files and keep track of the entire history of the user's things. Git is used to manage the project files. With Git you can keep track of the entire history of things that the user is working on. GitHub is a web-based version control that uses Git, wherein the user can look at other people’s code, identify issues or errors, and even propose changes.

Web Hosting Platforms

Popular Web hosting platforms like Google Cloud, Amazon web services, Heroku, and Microsoft Azure allow you to deploy your product on a cloud service provider so that we can access it from the WWW.

MEAN Stack and MERN stack are highly popular Full Stacks.

MEAN stands for MongoDB, Express.js. Angular, and Node.js. MEAN stack is mostly used to develop web applications and native mobile apps.

MERN stands for Mongo DB-Express.js-React-Node.js and is used to create web and hybrid mobile apps

Type Of Websites Built Using Full Stack

  • Business Websites
  • Brochure & Catalogue Websites
  • E-Commerce Websites
  • Non-Profit Websites
  • Educational Websites
  • Business Directory Websites
  • Portal Websites
  • Search Engines
  • Crowd funding Websites
  • Portfolio Websites/CV websites

Reasons Why You Should choose Full Stack for your next project

1. Versatility

When you choose a full stack developer for your project, you can have both front-end and back-end development handled single hand. On the front-end, codes are created (using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) to control the appearance and interactivity of a site in a browser. In the back-end, the prototype codes are written to connect your website to other content management systems.

2. Vast Experience

A full-stack developer is equipped to handle any kind of web project. With expertise in MEAN & MERN stack, they acquire in-depth knowledge in the field of web and app development. You can, therefore, be confident that their insight will be highly beneficial to the performance and market reception of your web app or mobile app.

3. Budget-Friendly

With Full Stack Development you are sure to have a spectacular project even on a shoestring budget. Since they can handle the entire project you will not have to employ multiple developers for a single project.

4. Timely delivery

As the team of full-stack developers is equipped with a wide range of tools and technologies, your project can be delivered at a faster pace.

5. Project Ownership

Once you hire a Full-stack development company for your project, you will definitely feel convenient to rely on their full-stack team for every single requirement of your project. They take over your project from start to finish. Apart from the functionality you can rest assured of quality assurance and project design

Wrap Up:

It’s a great idea to hire a full-stack developer with expertise and experience in full-stack development. But only when you choose the right company your projects are phenomenal and game-changing. So, be clear about your requirements along with the engagement model that you wish to have. Before hiring the best full-stack development company, you should validate their skill set and experience to be sure that they are completely competent with their technological stack. If you have a project in your mind, we are ready to help. Get connected with us if you wish to work with the best team in full-stack development.